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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to KEEP OUR SHIREWAY COMMUNITY COMPOSTING CENTRE OPEN

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We oppose the Council's plans to shut our local Community Composting Centre at Shireway because:

  • This centre encourages good recycling practices thus helping to reduce overall waste
  • It is free of charge thus supporting low income families who cannot afford to enrol in the green bin scheme 
  • Unlike the Sort-it Centre, it is open 24 hours a day, making it  easily accessible particularly for full time employees 
  • It has dual use as local people can collect soil, chippings or similar for their gardens as well as drop off green waste
  • Without it, queues and waiting times at the local Sort-it Centre would increase dramatically thus discouraging recycling and increasing waste.


Careful consideration should also be given on whether to close the other local Community Composting Centres who will face similar issues at Thornbury and Hawkesbury Upton!

Submitted by Eva Hailstone
Open from 01 Jul 2014 to 01 Aug 2014
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Eva Hailstone, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mr James Huband on 26 Jul 2014
  2. Mr David Newman on 26 Jul 2014
  3. Miss Abi Huband on 23 Jul 2014
  4. Mrs Barbara Huband on 23 Jul 2014
  5. Mr Stephen Rivers on 19 Jul 2014
  6. Mrs Rebecca Chewter on 17 Jul 2014
  7. Mrs Anastasia Rivers on 17 Jul 2014
  8. Mr Tom Smith on 17 Jul 2014
  9. Mr paul jeal on 17 Jul 2014
  10. Mr Jonathan Gulliford on 17 Jul 2014
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