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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Re-open Highwood Road to all motor vehicles

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Despite overwhelming opposition from the residents of Patchway, South Gloucestershire Council went ahead with the controversial closure of Highwood Road in October 2012.

Since then, the increased traffic has blighted the lives of local residents on both Coniston Road and through the smaller streets around Stroud Road, Durban Road etc. as people look for the quickest route from Cribbs Causeway to the other side of Patchway.  Additionally, Large Goods Vehicles are using the roads of Patchway on an almost daily basis as they try to stay away from the Bus Lane Camera on Highwood Road whilst still following their Sat Navs.

There have been a number of accidents withing the Old Patchway community where vehicles have been overturned and even ended up in residents gardens.  The additional traffic has become a danger to the residents.

Very soon the bus gate in Charlton Hayes will be implemented and everyone who currently uses it will be looking for an alternative route from Cribbs Causeway to the new entrance in Charlton Boulevard.  Everyone in Patchway knows that this is via Coniston Road and Stroud/Durban Roads and we are not looking forward to the additional traffic.

Highwood road was closed to facilitate the Metrobus M1 Scheme that will be going live soon.  However, The rest of the route appears to be sharing road space with existing traffic by adding bus lanes where necessary. There is plenty of land still available alongside the remaining carriageway of Highwood Road to allow a bus lane to be added allowing traffic that needs to get from North Patchway to South Patchway * and vice versa) to do so without blighting the lives of those who live in Patchway. 

The reopening of Highwood Road would benefit everyone in both Patchway and Charlton Hayes, especially if the council goes ahead with the controversial closure of the Bus gate. 

Submitted by Roland Walker
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