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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Add a Yellow Box Junction at Catbrain Lane Signal on Lysander Road

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WE the residents of Catbrain Lane, New Charlton Way, Charlton Leaze and Medlar Close face significant delay in entry / exit at the Lysander Road Catbrain Lane signal on a daily basis. Commuters from Cribbs Causeway towards A4018 roundabout stop at the signal and frequently block the inward and outward traffic to Catbrain area. Since in the last eight years over 2000 new houses have been built in Charlton Hayes, the issue has now reached a tipping point and causing traffic chaos to locals. It looks like the signal was designed for a traffic profile, which pre-dates new development in the area.

There are circa 2,600 new houses planned on the Airfield, which would further aggravate the already poor condition. The traffic delays are causing elevated level of POLLUTION in our area and compromising quality of life of over 500 local residents. Time spent waiting to enter and exit our houses can be better spent to improve the local economy, family and recreation.


WE urge the South Gloucestershire Council to:

  1. Urgently add a Yellow Box Junction on the Lysander Road Catbrain Lane signal and
  2. Review the entire signal design to match traffic profile of 2,600 new houses in Airfield and 2,000  additional houses already built in Charlton Hayes.

Submitted by Sanjay Shambhu
Open from 15 Apr 2019 to 15 Jul 2019
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Sanjay Shambhu, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mrs Susan Bowers on 14 May 2019
  2. Mrs Anna Matthews on 13 May 2019
  3. Mr Philip Bowers on 13 May 2019
  4. Mr michael hems on 03 May 2019
  5. Mr Michael Woodman on 02 May 2019
  6. Mr Justin Carter on 01 May 2019
  7. Mr Peter Hazeldine on 30 Apr 2019
  8. Mr David Williams on 30 Apr 2019
  9. Mrs Deanna Morgan on 30 Apr 2019
  10. Mr Stephen Cox on 30 Apr 2019
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