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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Upgrade, remodel, make safe Nibley Lane so it safe and practical due to the increase in traffic.

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Nibley Lane between Westerleigh Road and Badminton Road has deteriated over recent years. The shear volume of traffic causes congestion at both ends of the lane during the rush hours. Pulling out either onto a busy 'A' road or a junction that has a sharp bend causing visabilty issues. A number of accidents have happened over recent times. 

Turning into Nibley Lane is cause for concern. From Westerleigh Road turning right against a blind left corner! Judging the speed of cars can be difficult! Turning into Nibley Lane from Badminton Road at busy periods can have a que of upto 10 cars waiting for a kind motorist to stop a heavy flow of traffic to allow you through. Turning right out of Nibley Lane onto Badminton Road is daunting and sometimes risky, you need to be quick. A form of traffic control is required. 

The condition of the road is poor again due to shear volume of traffic, faded or no road markings at major points in the road. 

The other concern would be the railway bridge, the road is giving way as you approach the bridge from Westerleigh, the speed in which cars come over the bridge with no road markings is an serious accident waiting to happen with ditches either side . The bridge is not suited for the larger vehicles we have today, viability is poor and dangerous.

Instead of looking at the Road to Nowhere, Nibley Lane has everything you need to help bypass traffic from Yate, the infrastra is there it just needs upgrading and redeveloping. 

Submitted by Michele Bartlett
Open from 01 Apr 2019 to 01 Jul 2019
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