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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to withdraw their support for a further 3,000 houses at Buckover, and to better protect Thornbury from further major speculative housing developments

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Planning consent has now been granted for over 1,600 new houses around Thornbury since 2011, representing a 31% increase in the size of the town, with two thirds still to be built. This represents a huge strain on infrastructure, congestion, town centre parking and facilities such as Doctor’s surgeries.

We, therefore, believe that Thornbury has already committed to take more than its share of new housing to meet the need in the area and should not be forced to accept more large developments for the duration of the Joint Spatial Plan (i.e. to 2036). This includes Buckover, which is clearly no more than an extension of Thornbury.

Not only does the Buckover site present an intolerable additional quantum of houses for Thornbury, but it is proposed on a site that bisects the busy A38 which is also the designated relief road for the M5. It would turn Thornbury into a dormitory / commuter town for Bristol resulting in unsustainable levels of population, congestion, pollution and Co2 emissions.

We also believe that Thornbury needs much more robust protection from speculative development and call on the Council to redraw  the green belt around the town’s existing developments.

Submitted by Colin Gardner
Open from 18 Feb 2019 to 18 Aug 2019
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