We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Raise the speed limit on the Stoke Gifford bypass.

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The Stoke Gifford bypass appears to have a speed limit that quite drastically does not match the engineering standard of the road. 

DfT guidelines state that "Speed limits should be evidence-led and self-explaining and seek to reinforce people's assessment of what is a safe speed to travel. They should encourage self-compliance. Speed limits should be seen by drivers as the maximum rather than a target speed." These guidelines do not seem to have been followed on this road and it's more characteristic of a road you might otherwise expect to have a speed limit of 50mph.

Speed limits should represent the absolute maximum speed a driver should be able to achieve safely under ideal conditions, there to allow law enforcement to single out the small number of drivers who seek to drive in a manner that disregards their own and other people's safety, it should not be a trivial speed easily achievable, this only helps to create apathy and contempt towards them.
It's doubtful that when the rules were set stating that repeaters are not allowed on roads with street lights that roads of this standard would have a 30mph speed limit, making it quite unfair on a large number of people who have been caught speeding on this road so far.

Unrealistic speed limits only help to fuel a socially acceptable disregard towards them, they should be something taken seriously be all motorists, speed limits should not be set with the thinking that if you set it very low then people who speed will only dare drive X amount over it.
The standard of the road and the conditions at the time is the overwhelming factor in how drivers judge their speed and limits should reflect this, or the design of the road needs to change. In other words, If speeds are too high on a road relative to its speed limit, then either the limit is wrong or the design of the road is, something has to give.  

Part of the road that is bypassed through semi-urban part of Hambrook has a quite generous 40mph speed limit on a road of a much lower standard, so there seems to be non-uniformity of speed limits also.

Additionally, Great Stoke Way according to your own date has a mean average speed of 42mph despite having a 30mph speed limit, this is higher than the average speed on the Iron Acton bypass where the limit was 50mph! This may even be an example of a road that would see it's average speed decrease slightly if the limit is raised to 40mph as repeaters are not allowed on roads with street lights. Pedestrians will also be given a more accurate expectation of what speed to expect traffic to be going. 

Submitted by Alex Hosking
Open from 22 Jan 2019 to 22 Apr 2019
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Alex Hosking, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Ms Eleni Lamprianidou on 20 Feb 2019
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  4. Mr Alex Hoskins on 20 Feb 2019
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