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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to re-surface roads in Patchway

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We are very grateful to South Gloucestershire Council for surfacing the Coniston Road. The current state of road surface on the following streets is also poor and full of numerous potholes. Initially, we planned to raise issues with councils about fixing the potholes, however, since the general state of the road itself is poor, a potholes treatment wouldn’t solve the issue. The poor state of roads causes regular inconvenience to residents. Several parts of roads e.g. on Hawthorn Close and Fir Tree Close poses significant hazards to children as they come out for playing.

Sycamore Drive

  1. Willow Close
  2. Cedar Close
  3. Fir Tree Close
  4. Larch Way
  5. Birch Close
  6. Rodway Road
  7. Hawthorn Close

Therefore, we humbly urge the South Gloucestershire Council to surface the above roads as a matter of priority.

Submitted by Sanjay Shambhu
Open from 22 Jan 2019 to 23 Apr 2019
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  1. Miss Eliana Barbosa on 15 Apr 2019
  2. Mr Daniel Leiblich on 22 Feb 2019
  3. Mrs Sylvia Champness on 04 Feb 2019
  4. Mr Gordon Markus on 04 Feb 2019
  5. Miss Sarah Jones on 03 Feb 2019
  6. Mr Ken Sloggett on 03 Feb 2019
  7. Mr Brian Hopkinson on 03 Feb 2019
  8. Mr Dave Slade on 03 Feb 2019
  9. Mr Chelsea Spear on 03 Feb 2019
  10. Mr Gary Spriggs on 03 Feb 2019
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