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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Implement necessary measures to stop rat running in Passage Road, Cribbs Causeway

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Traffic from M5 to Bristol on A4018 Cribbs Causeway regularly divert into the Passage Road increasing significant safety risks to residents of Hazel Brook Gardens, Passage Road and The Close. The speed limit on A4018 is 50 mph and motorist frequently drive at high speed into the residential areas. Children and elderly residents are at high risks of accident due to regular rat running in Passage Road.  We are concerned about parking, as many visiting motorists to Bristol park their cars on Passage Road, which causes regular inconvenience to residents.

 Therefore, we humbly petition the South Gloucestershire Council to look into the above and:

  1. Implement necessary measures to prevent rat running
  2. Prevent visiting motorists to Bristol from Parking at Passage Road, The Close and Hazel Brook Gardens


Submitted by Sanjay Shambhu
Open from 22 Jan 2019 to 23 Apr 2019
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  1. Miss Eliana Barbosa on 15 Apr 2019
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  6. Mr Matthew Scrivin on 11 Feb 2019
  7. Mr Simon West on 11 Feb 2019
  8. Mr Andy West on 11 Feb 2019
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