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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to review roadworks on Beckspool Road, Frenchay

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The introduction of the 'traffic slowing' works has caused confrontations between on-coming traffic as drivers ignore the priority signs in their haste to 'beat' multiple, and unnecessary, intrusions of new 'verges' into the road, increasing the likelihood of collisions. Possible new proposal to paint double yellow lines will prohibit people accessing communal centres including the Anglican Church, Friends Meeting House, Unitarian Chapel and Village Hall, all of which have elderly people in their congregations reliant on their cars to attend Worship, as well as weddings, funerals etc,  and those attending numerous community social events held every day in these centres and on the village common itself. There appears to have been no consultation, which is something emphasised as a council aim on the S. Glos website. 


Submitted by linda hindley
Open from 05 Dec 2018 to 23 Mar 2019
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