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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Review traffic calming measures in the Acacia Road area of Staple Hill following a number of serious accidents in recent months.

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After a number of recent road traffic incidents in the Acacia Road area of Staple Hill we petition South Gloucestershire Council to review, consult on, implement and enforce measures to improve road safety in this and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Submitted by Ian Boulton
Open from 05 Dec 2018 to 04 Feb 2019
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Ian Boulton, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Miss Finella Cobern on 26 Jan 2019
  2. Miss Kelly Sprangle on 25 Jan 2019
  3. Mr louise williams on 19 Jan 2019
  4. Miss Clare Harris on 18 Jan 2019
  5. Mr Mark Scadding on 16 Jan 2019
  6. Mr Donald Gordon Searle on 14 Jan 2019
  7. Mrs Kathleen Hopton on 12 Jan 2019
  8. Mr Roberta Wells on 11 Jan 2019
  9. Mr Brian Wells on 11 Jan 2019
  10. Mrs Rachel Donovan on 09 Jan 2019
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