We, the undersigned, petition the Council to strongly object to the development of 2,000+ houses on Green Belt land at the Woodlands Golf and Country Club

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We believe that the plan for urban sprawl on the border of Bradley Stoke, put forward by South West Strategic Developments, will do nothing but cause problems for our residents and businesses.

The speculative site itself goes against the West of England and South Gloucestershire Council’s plan-led approach, and if it goes ahead it sets a dangerous precedent that other developers could then attempt to put forward even more sites, putting a strain on our infrastructure.

Highways England has already said they have problems with the plans, and the fact the developers are happy to clog up our roads without making any improvements is not acceptable.

The proposed development lies in the Green Belt which will impact our rural surroundings. The site itself also poses massive problems in air quality, with these new houses not only adding to the pollution from the Almondsbury Interchange and nearby A roads, but will also likely be directly affected by that same pollution, creating an unhealthy way of life for any new residents.

We want you to back our petition so the Council know the strength of our feelings on this controversial development and that they have our support to oppose it.

Submitted by John Ashe
Open from 23 Nov 2018 to 22 May 2019
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Direct link to this e-petition: http://petitions.southglos.gov.uk/petitions.ti/saynotowoodlandsgardenvillage

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John Ashe, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Miss Sarah Parkin on 04 Feb 2019
  2. Mr Vikas Kalia on 04 Feb 2019
  3. Mrs Anitha Sudhakar on 04 Feb 2019
  4. Mrs Arti Kalia on 04 Feb 2019
  5. Mr Nirmal Kumar on 04 Feb 2019
  6. Mr Alan Walkington on 04 Feb 2019
  7. Mr Daniel Meredith on 03 Feb 2019
  8. Mr S Withers on 03 Feb 2019
  9. Mrs Elizabeth Neate on 03 Feb 2019
  10. Mr Steve Coffin on 02 Feb 2019
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