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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Allow Riddifords in the High Street to continue to display goods on the pavement at the front of their shop.

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The shop needs to display goods on the pavement due to limited space inside. Any internal changes would ruin the character of the shop. Riddifords is an old established family business, providing an invaluable service to the local community and it's regular customers.

“John Riddiford, the shop owner, posted the following on Facebook on 7/8/2018:- You may have noticed that the front of the shop is set out a bit differently today, that is because yesterday we have a visit from a very nice lady from South Gloucestershire council as someone had brought it their attention about our goods outside on the pavement and she had come to investigate it. She was very professional, polite and constructive but said that we needed to alter how are goods are laid out outside the shop. We’re sorry if it’s you we’ve offended but we’re only here to serve you our community and customers and are here to help not upset and annoy you. We need to utilise the space outside the shop as we have limited space inside without major alterations and the shop possibly losing its character and it encourages customers in to buy things. Without using outside the shop would not take enough money to be sustainable. We thought most enjoyed the display outside and we get many compliments on it and the atmosphere it creates, but perhaps not so much any more. Is it time for major change, relocation or maybe just call it a day?!! ?#uncertainfuture #isittimeforachange #thornbury”

Submitted by Cliff Howell
Open from 10 Aug 2018 to 09 Nov 2018
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