We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Turn the junction of Soundwell Road and Woodland Way into a mini-roundabout

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I propose converting the junction into a mini-roundabout, in order to reduce the congestion that builds, especially during peak times.

Soundwell Road has been the main route connecting Staple Hill and Kingswood, via Soundwell, for hundreds of years and, for a similar period, Woodland Way has been a minor road, connecting Fishponds to Soundwell.

Woodland Way is currently serviced by 2 bus routes, with buses using the junction approximately every 10 minutes, and has become increasingly popular as an alternative for traffic wishing to avoid nearby light-controlled crossroads.

However, since the development of the A4174 Ring Road, specifically the stretch between Siston Common and Warmley, most heavy traffic has been redirected away from the A4017, of which Soundwell Road is part, resulting in it becoming the lower-priority road at several light-controlled crossroads along its route.

The result of this shift in traffic flow is that there is increased traffic wishing to turn right out of Woodland Way, which is impeded by existing traffic on Soundwell Road, and itself impedes the increased traffic wishing to turn left out of Woodland Way.

Changing the priorities of traffic at this junction can reduce the congestion.

A recent change to the junction has been the inclusion of a short lane that filters southbound traffic on Soundwell Road wishing to turn right into Woodland Way. This is especially useful for the buses that turn right into Woodland Way.

By converting the junction to a mini-roundabout, Woodland Way will be immediately promoted to the same priority as Soundwell Road and all traffic will conform to the rules concerning a three-way mini-roundabout. An additional benefit will be to act as a traffic-calming measure along Soundwell Road in both directions.

To convert the junction into a mini-roundabout should not need to be invasive. The junction is already comparable in size and shape to the mini-roundabout at the junction of Cock Road and Owls Head Road in Kingswood, so it should not involve much more than altering the road markings and erecting relevant signage.

Submitted by Ross Gammon
Open from 23 Jul 2018 to 23 Jul 2019
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Direct link to this e-petition: http://petitions.southglos.gov.uk/petitions.ti/woodland_way_roundabout

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Ross Gammon, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Ms Fiona Foyer on 23 Nov 2018
  2. Mr Ben Goodfield on 23 Aug 2018
  3. Mr Darren Kerslake on 23 Aug 2018
  4. Mr Richard Mckenzie on 23 Aug 2018
  5. Mr Nicholas Woodley on 22 Aug 2018
  6. Mrs Athelstan Bird on 22 Aug 2018
  7. Mrs Julia Bird on 22 Aug 2018
  8. Mr Chris Williamson on 19 Aug 2018
  9. Mrs Margaret Wood on 28 Jul 2018
  10. Mr Geoffrey Gammon on 24 Jul 2018
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