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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Readdress the decision for ALL Hackney Carriage vehicles to be wheelchair accessable (WAV's)

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From April 2019, South Glos Council have voted through changes to taxi policy (against the advice and wishes of the majority of South Glos Hackney Drivers).  South Glos Council have voted through that every Hackney vehicle newly plated after this date must be wheelchair accessible (WAV).  We believe that they have voted this through with total disregard for the drivers, the passengers and the market in South Glos. The market for wheelchair access in South Glos is limited and the % of cars that are WAV, already far exceeds the % of reliant wheelchair users.

This petition is being raised in order to force the council to readdress this decision. We need 2500 signatures, we hope to get 10000!

1: As a collective, we believe this change to policy is discriminatory for so many reasons, not least for disabled drivers, who, in many circumstances will be unable to manage a heavy wheelchair thus forcing them out of work.

2: These forced changes will lead to much higher fares in South Glos (How many Hackneys actually add the extras for cases, animals, numbers of passengers etc? Many reduce the metered fare to the nearest 0.50 or £) This would all need to change.

3: Disabilities come in many guises, not just wheelchair reliant customers. Far more elderly and infirm customers request saloon cars, than prospective wheelchair customers requesting a WAV, this decision will be discriminatory against them.

4: In South Glos, the number of Hackney carriages is already far lower than the number of PHV. With this new rule penalising Hackney drivers, the % will drop much further and in an already rural County, hailing  a cab from the rank or roadside will become a thing of the past.

The council must be held accountable for their ill thought out decisions and be made aware of the true consequences of these actions.

 As of March 2018. Please sign our petition!

Submitted by SHARON SHAW - P J Cabs Limited
Open from 11 May 2018 to 10 Aug 2018
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  1. Miss Natalie Wild on 27 Jun 2018
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