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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Install Safety Bollards at the rank of shops on Ellacombe Road

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We have recently approached South Glos Council in regards to having safety bollards installed in front of the parking spaces on Ellacombe Road. This is due to a recent event where a car has mounted the kerb and smashed into a shop front. This is the second time this has happened in 6 months both of which we have been very fortunate that no one was seriously injured. However this footpath is very busy especially during the morning school run and at pick up times. If this had happened during these hours I have no doubt in my mind that this accident could have resulted in serious injury or even death. The council have been to assess the situation and have said that the budget for 2018/19 has been distributed and that it would be considered for 2019/20 although it would be done on a point scoring system and would still not guarantee it would be granted. We feel this is something that needs to be raised as priority as this is for the safety of the local community. We would hope everyone would sign this petition so we can have this looked at as a matter of urgency before another incident occurs and we are not as lucky as the two previous occasions. 

Submitted by Jamie Hill
Open from 15 Feb 2018 to 16 Feb 2019
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  1. Mr Stephen Norman on 11 Oct 2018
  2. Mr David Duane on 30 Apr 2018
  3. Mr James Fox on 09 Apr 2018
  4. Miss Bethanie Gumm on 09 Apr 2018
  5. Mrs Jill Osborne on 07 Apr 2018
  6. Mr Roger Broadbent on 21 Mar 2018
  7. Mr Natalie Broad on 17 Mar 2018
  8. Mr Andrew Cochrane on 14 Mar 2018
  9. Mr Martyn Smith on 14 Mar 2018
  10. Mr Daniel Miners on 13 Mar 2018
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