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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Provision of a Zebra Crossing on Castle Street Thornbury

More details from petitioner:

My daughter Isabella (aged 10), wrote to the council asking for a zebra crossing on Castle Street. We/she has found it difficult to cross the road, at busy times of the day. And she asked, if they would consider a crossing so that she, and other children, can walk to and from school safely. Often vehicles speed up and down Castle Street, and the visibility can be poor due to cars parked at the top to use the cashpoint at NatWest.

The number of cars in Thornbury Town Centre has also increased (along with buses) due to the new developments in and around Thornbury, and therefore so has the footfall. There is no safe route, via Castle Street, from this side of Thornbury (including Castle School) for people to walk to the town centre. It is getting increasingly dangerous for the number of children/families/pensioners who wish to cross the road on Castle Street, and before too long there will be a serious accident.

Please sign this petition and support my daughter's mission for a safe crossing on Castle Street. Thank you.

Submitted by angela ashton
Open from 18 Oct 2017 to 16 Jan 2018
Signatures: 64   [Go to signatures]

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angela ashton, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mr Jack Curtis on 03 Nov 2017
  2. Mrs Sharon Navas on 31 Oct 2017
  3. Mr Ian Talbot on 30 Oct 2017
  4. Ms Alison Pitman on 30 Oct 2017
  5. Ms Sophie Brading on 30 Oct 2017
  6. Mr Ian Talbot on 30 Oct 2017
  7. Mrs Rachael Wistow on 30 Oct 2017
  8. Mrs Lisa Laity on 30 Oct 2017
  9. Mrs Jeanette Hibbert on 30 Oct 2017
  10. Mrs Karen Lomax on 30 Oct 2017
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