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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to CLEAN UP KINGSWOOD, to provide a safe, clean and inviting shopping area encouraging good culture, commerce and growth.

More details from petitioner:

We, the residents of Kingswood, petition South Gloucestershire Council to CLEAN-UP KINGSWOOD to provide a safe, clean and inviting shopping area encouraging good culture, commerce and growth.


South Gloucestershire Council benefits from substantial business rate revenues from the Kingswood shopping area but chooses to invest these revenues elsewhere, the Kingswood area is left unclean and in poor repair with vacant properties and significant deterioration.


We petition South Gloucestershire Council to Implement a 5 point plan within the next year to:


  1. Comply with its legal obligations under the CORE standard of street care to provide a basic clean environment. Improve the level of cleaning and implement a quarterly deep clean of the street scape.
    • South Glos council has fallen short of its legal obligations by allowing weed growth, unsanitary floor and building surfaces and a build-up of waste advertisements.
  2. Approve an Enhanced level of street care with floral displays equivalent to that implemented in the Downend shopping area.
    • The existing small floral displays are supplied by volunteers and require supplementing to produce a standard sufficient to improve the vitality of the Kingswood Street scene.
  3. Use the enforcement powers of council planning to ensure owners of occupied and more importantly vacant properties control the safety and look of the facade and prevent decay.
    • The appearance of the building facades has a direct impact on the visual identity of the shopping area, unchecked deterioration leads to poor perception, investment withdrawal, devaluation and decline.
    • The deterioration of paint coatings on the external facade of the Kings chase car park significantly affects the attractiveness of the kingswood shopping area irrespective of promises of redevelopment.
    • Collapsing sections of the linden hotel are simply barriered off and left at risk to the pedestrian public, the owner was fined £27k for poor repair but then nothing done to remediate the poor look of the facade.
    • The vacant co-op building is dilapidated with Windows left open and birds nesting, a promise of future demolition does not prevent current negative effects on the street scene.
    • Other vacant properties have been left in disrepair.
  4. Implement a basic level of repair and replenishment to the infrastructure.
    • The lack of basic low level investment in the Kingswood shopping area has left the infrastructure in disrepair.
    • Paint coatings have degraded around the steel work in the kings chase shopping areas.
    • Street bollards have been impacted and left un repaired.
    • A burnt out in unused bus shelter near the park has not been repaired or demolished.
    • Road surfaces are pot holed and markings are worn and unclear.
    • Other basic infrastructure improvements are needed.
  5. Manage the performance of the First Group in the Kingswood area.
    • The bus shelters are in very poor state of repair, they are unsanitary, unsafe and aesthetically displeasing.
    • The main shelter on the outbound route has splashes of unknown material on all aspects.
    • The smaller shelter opposite on the inbound route is overgrown with flora and fauna.
    • The shelter on Moravian Rd has had every pane of glass smashed over time but not replaced.
    • The age of the busses used on the Kingswood route look like some of the oldest in the fleet, the performance of the engines on these vehicles is such that particulate matter is affecting the health of pedestrians and residents.


It is hoped that South Gloucestershire Council receives this request of the Kingswood people and recognises that points laid out are reasonable, proportionate and economically sound, fitting of a bustling shopping area expanding with market leaders such as Lidl and Argos.

Submitted by Lee Sanok
Open from 05 Oct 2017 to 03 Jan 2018
Signatures: 14   [Go to signatures]

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Lee Sanok, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mrs Tracy Rogers on 08 Oct 2017
  2. Mrs Gillian Noonan on 08 Oct 2017
  3. Mrs Linda Noonan on 07 Oct 2017
  4. Ms Dawn Conway on 07 Oct 2017
  5. Mrs Kirsten Parker on 06 Oct 2017
  6. Mrs Sabrina Hodges on 06 Oct 2017
  7. Mr Gary Inman on 06 Oct 2017
  8. Mr Daniel Thorn on 06 Oct 2017
  9. Mrs Leanne Abraham on 06 Oct 2017
  10. Mrs Hannah Alexander on 06 Oct 2017
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