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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Address MOD staff rat running, speeding and parking in residential streets on Ninth Avenue and adjacent streets

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i am a resident of filton, ninth avenue for twenty years and the traffic is beyond ridiculous. you cannot travel anywhere monday to friday 06.30-09.30 and 16.00-19.00 without sitting in horrendous traffic. the memorial stadium brings in so many out of area people, the pollution and noise is a very real problem also. it is so bad now that we can't park on our street outside our homes anymore due to mod staff and students at uwe coming into the area and parking as close as possible to work and university, trying to avoid traffic and unavailability of sufficient parking for them. we are constantly woken up from 6am on weekdays due to serious rat running occurring on our residential street. they speed, they play their stereos loud and park inconsiderately. my driveway is consistently blocked or impeded on a regular basis and even after putting reflective signs on my gates they still block my driveway. they have absolutely no consideration for the local residents whatsoever. our road surface is in a terrible state and has been for the past 2 years and the council just keeps coming 3-4 times a year to patch up the constant potholes that keep reoccurring. we the residents have had enough of the unrelenting deterioration of our area and the councils unwillingness to address these serious problems. we don't need any more bus lanes, any more big business and any more student accommodation all concentrated and compacted into filton and if it continues, of which I have absolutely no doubt then build new roads so that the infrastructure is in place. the council increases our taxes and reduces our services for what? who's benefitting? certainly not us.







Submitted by Zeshain Hussain
Open from 14 Dec 2016 to 14 Dec 2017
Signatures: So far, only Zeshain Hussain, the e-Petition Creator, has signed this e-petition.

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