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Add a Yellow Box Junction at Catbrain Lane Signal on Lysander Road
WE the residents of Catbrain Lane, New Charlton Way, Charlton Leaze and Medlar Close face significant delay in entry / exit at the Lysander Road Catbrain Lane signal on a daily basis. Commuters from Cribbs Causeway towards A4018 roundabout stop...
Sanjay Shambhu 15 Jul 2019 20 0
Upgrade, remodel, make safe Nibley Lane so it safe and practical due to the increase in traffic.
Nibley Lane between Westerleigh Road and Badminton Road has deteriated over recent years. The shear volume of traffic causes congestion at both ends of the lane during the rush hours. Pulling out either onto a busy 'A' road or a junction that...
Michele Bartlett 01 Jul 2019 24 0
strongly object to the development of 2,000+ houses on Green Belt land at the Woodlands Golf and Country Club
We believe that the plan for urban sprawl on the border of Bradley Stoke, put forward by South West Strategic Developments, will do nothing but cause problems for our residents and businesses. The speculative site itself goes against the West...
John Ashe 23 May 2019 178 0
Raise the speed limit on the Stoke Gifford bypass.
The Stoke Gifford bypass appears to have a speed limit that quite drastically does not match the engineering standard of the road.  DfT guidelines state that "Speed limits should be evidence-led and self-explaining and seek to reinforce...
Alex Hosking 23 Apr 2019 527 0
Implement necessary measures to stop rat running in Passage Road, Cribbs Causeway
Traffic from M5 to Bristol on A4018 Cribbs Causeway regularly divert into the Passage Road increasing significant safety risks to residents of Hazel Brook Gardens, Passage Road and The Close. The speed limit on A4018 is 50 mph and motorist...
Sanjay Shambhu 23 Apr 2019 44 0
re-surface roads in Patchway
We are very grateful to South Gloucestershire Council for surfacing the Coniston Road. The current state of road surface on the following streets is also poor and full of numerous potholes. Initially, we planned to raise issues with councils...
Sanjay Shambhu 23 Apr 2019 17 0
review roadworks on Beckspool Road, Frenchay
The introduction of the 'traffic slowing' works has caused confrontations between on-coming traffic as drivers ignore the priority signs in their haste to 'beat' multiple, and unnecessary, intrusions of new 'verges' into the road, increasing the...
linda hindley 23 Mar 2019 421 0
Install Safety Bollards at the rank of shops on Ellacombe Road
We have recently approached South Glos Council in regards to having safety bollards installed in front of the parking spaces on Ellacombe Road. This is due to a recent event where a car has mounted the kerb and smashed into a shop front. This is...
Jamie Hill 16 Feb 2019 168 0
Review traffic calming measures in the Acacia Road area of Staple Hill following a number of serious accidents in recent months.
After a number of recent road traffic incidents in the Acacia Road area of Staple Hill we petition South Gloucestershire Council to review, consult on, implement and enforce measures to improve road safety in this and the surrounding neighbourhood.
Ian Boulton 04 Feb 2019 86 0
Allow Riddifords in the High Street to continue to display goods on the pavement at the front of their shop.
The shop needs to display goods on the pavement due to limited space inside. Any internal changes would ruin the character of the shop. Riddifords is an old established family business, providing an invaluable service to the local community and...
Cliff Howell 09 Nov 2018 2940 0
create sufficient secondary school places for children living in the Filton, Patchway, Bradley Stoke and Stoke Gifford area
Planning documents on the South Gloucestershire Council website show in the Filton, Patchway, Bradley Stoke and Stoke Gifford area an estimated 744 children currently in year 6, increasing to an estimated 816 the following year. Currently only...
Sarah Hember 08 Nov 2018 67 0
Resurface Coniston Road
The state of the surface of Coniston Road makes the driving along it unsafe and costly for drivers. It’s is the main road in Patchway and is only getting worse due to the sheer number of vehicles that use it everyday. Let’s make it safer for...
Sarah Preddy 10 Oct 2018 30 0
Re-open Highwood Road to all motor vehicles
Despite overwhelming opposition from the residents of Patchway, South Gloucestershire Council went ahead with the controversial closure of Highwood Road in October 2012. Since then, the increased traffic has blighted the lives of local...
Roland Walker 09 Oct 2018 833 0
Instalment of speed cushions and other traffic calming measures into the Autumn Brook development in Yate
The collective residents of Autumn Brook are petitioning for the immediate instalment of speed cushions in the development.  Many cars feel it appropriate to by far exceed acceptable speeds whilst driving through the development, most noteably...
Lucy Fitzsimmons 08 Sep 2018 32 0
Readdress the decision for ALL Hackney Carriage vehicles to be wheelchair accessable (WAV's)
From April 2019, South Glos Council have voted through changes to taxi policy (against the advice and wishes of the majority of South Glos Hackney Drivers).  South Glos Council have voted through that every Hackney vehicle newly plated after...
SHARON SHAW - P J Cabs Limited 10 Aug 2018 5 0
Investigate and implement changes that resolve the problem of queuing at Mangotsfield Recycling Centre
We the undersigned would like to bring to South Gloucestershire Councils attention the issue of traffic queuing at Mangotsfield Recycling Centre. During the week commercial lorries queue to access the recycling centre. This coincides with School...
Ian Adams - South Gloucestershire Council 24 May 2018 174 0